Educational platform (2019)

This project, is a collaboration with Kelly Diepenbrock.
Together we have created both the concept and the identity system
for a new educational platform, “Center”.


Center exists in two parts. First, it is a free digital database
where users can learn from a variety of different media
covering an unlimited number of creative, technological and developmental endeavors.
This content, uploaded by the Center community, is free for all users
who are encouraged to in turn upload their own educational content
and the growth of the boundless resource that is Center.


Second, Center exists in the form of events happening all over the globe
where knowledge and skills are shared in a series of talks and public exchanges.

Concept: Kelly Diepenbrock + Casper Westhausen

Sound: Casper Westhausen

Visual content: Kelly Diepenbrock + Casper Westhausen

visual - motion graphics - sound design - music